Fees & Payment Information

Early Registration 

$600  -  available through onsite registration.*

*Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, we are extending the early registration rate through onsite registration to accommodate all agencies nationwide.

One or Two-Day Registration

$400  -  Two-Day Registration (Monday and Tuesday OR Tuesday and Wednesday)
$250  -  One-Day Registration (Monday, Tuesday OR Wednesday)

Payment Deadline

Payments will be accepted through onsite registration. Conference entrance will not be permitted without purchase order or payment in full. Purchase orders can be provided as a promise to pay in order to gain entry to the Conference. The conference team MUST have a PO on file. The following must be present on the PO: a valid PO number and names of attendees. Checks mailed within a week of the conference start date will need to be overnighted. For additional information see Payment Methods.

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