2017 Exhibitors

Whether it's for investigation, litigation or compliance, AccessData® offers you powerful solutions that put the power of forensics in your hands. For 30 years, AccessData has worked with more than 130,000 customers in industries from government to legal, from corporations to international business, to understand and focus on your unique collection-to-analysis needs. The result? Products that empower faster results, better insights, and more connectivity.For more information, visit www.accessdata.com.

ADF Solutions, Inc. 
ADF Solutions is the leading provider of digital forensic and media exploitation tools. These tools are used for processing and analyzing computers, external drives, drive images, and other media storage (USB flash drives, memory cards, etc.). ADF forensic tools are all about speed, scalability, ease-of-use, and relevant results. The tools have a proven track record in reducing forensic backlogs, streaming digital investigations and rapid access to digital evidence and intelligence. Our customers include law enforcement, defense and other government agencies worldwide. 

Association of Prosecuting Attorneys' Child Abuse Prosecution Project
The Association of Prosecuting Attorneys is pleased to offer a training and technical resource for child abuse prosecutors and their multi-disciplinary teams. The Child Abuse Prosecution Project, a VOCA-funded project through OJJDP, is staffed with a team of child abuse professionals and is readily available to provide consultation, technical assistance and training.

Atola Technology
FAST FORENSIC IMAGING, EVEN WITH DAMAGED DRIVES! Get more digital evidence faster with ATOLA INSIGHT FORENSIC. The first and only forensic data acquisition tool that gets data from both good and even damaged hard drives and it's one-button simple to use! Come see a demonstration and find out why digital forensic professionals from government, military and law enforcement agencies around the world choose INSIGHT FORENSIC as their main imaging tool.

BIS Digital Inc. 
From concept to completion, BIS Digital provides total turnkey solutions and integrated systems based upon the specific needs of our users that include concept and planning, engineering of solutions and systems, purchase of product, installation, personal product and service training, and on-going support and service. 

BlackBag Technologies 
BlackBag® Technologies is a developer of innovative forensic acquisition, triage, and analysis software for Windows, Android, iPhone/iPad, and Mac OS X devices. The company's flagship product, BlackLight, has been adopted worldwide by many digital forensics examiners as a primary analysis tool. Mobilyze, BlackBag®'s groundbreaking mobile device triage tool, empowers virtually all law enforcement personnel, with or without specialized experience, to capably triage and report on data from smartphones. In addition to software, BlackBag® also develops and delivers expert forensic training and certification programs, designed to meet the needs of law enforcement, military and private sector examiners. Taught by an elite team with considerable law enforcement and digital forensics experience, the courses are tailored to address to realistic, multi-platform scenarios simulating the daily challenges of digital evidence.      

Bluebear LES 
BlueBear is a boutique software shop focused on forensic software solutions for Law Enforcement. BlueBear's flagship product is called LACE. LACE is a unique tool designed to assist investigators in the automated categorization of media evidence files (images & videos) that have been seized or confiscated. This unique tool has been created to significantly reduce the amount of time required, by an investigator, to analyze and categorize seized images, videos, text and audio files found on computer and hard drives.  

Callyo is the world's #1 mobile phone technology for law enforcement to catch and prosecute child predators, human traffickers, and those who would exploit our children.

Cellebrite Inc. 
Cellebrite is the world leader in delivering cutting-edge mobile forensic solutions. Cellebrite provides flexible, field-proven and innovative cross-platform solutions for lab and field via its UFED Pro and UFED Field Series. The company’s comprehensive Universal Forensic Extraction Device (UFED) is designed to meet the challenges of unveiling the massive amount of data stored in the modern mobile device. The UFED Series is able to extract, decode, analyze and report data from thousands of mobile devices, including, smartphones, legacy and feature phones, portable GPS devices, tablets, memory cards and phones manufactured with Chinese chipsets. With more than 30,000 units deployed across 100 countries, UFED Series is the primary choice for forensic specialists in law enforcement, military, intelligence, corporate security and eDiscovery.

Child Welfare Information Gateway  
Child Welfare Information Gateway provides access to timely, practical resources that help child welfare, adoption, and related professionals protect children and strengthen families.

Children's Advocacy Centers of Texas
Children’s Advocacy Centers of Texas, Inc. (CACTX), a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, is the statewide membership association representing 70 local CACs in Texas. It is the mission of CACTX to support Texas CACs, in partnership with local communities and agencies investigation and prosecuting child abuse, in order to restore the lives of children who have been abused. 

Columbia Southern University 
Columbia Southern University offers online associate, bachelor and master degrees, in fields such as public administration, criminal justice and organizational leadership. With affordable tuition rates, textbooks provided at no cost and flexible online classes, the CSU format meets the needs of adult learners. CSU also allows up to 75 percent of undergraduate courses and 50 percent of graduate courses to be transferred into the desired degree plan. Visit www.ColumbiaSouthern.edu to learn more!

Dallas Police Department Explorers
The goals and objectives of the Dallas Police Enforcement Program are to: Further the Explorer's Education, Encourage their participation in a wide variety of service activities, Enhance the Explorer's preparation for future roles as citizens, leaders and future law enforcement officers.

DCAC Animal Assisted Therapy Program
At the Dallas Children’s Advocacy Center, therapy dogs offer a unique form of support to children and families. Therapy dogs are different from service dogs in that they do not provide physical assistance but do their work by sitting quietly while providing emotional support and acceptance. Research has proven that contact with a therapy dog can lower blood pressure, decrease the heart rate and calm other anxiety related symptoms that are often associated with the type of emotional trauma victims have experienced.

Digital Intelligence, Inc.  
Digital Intelligence is the industry leader in providing hardware for practitioners of Digital Forensics and eDiscovery. Offering specialized workstations, write blockers, duplicators as well as software and training, Digital Intelligence has been providing products and services across the globe for nearly 20 years.

DME Forensics
DME Forensics is an innovative technology and services company focused on providing software, training and digital & multimedia evidence analysis to the criminal justice and civil litigation communities. Whether you are looking to recover data from CCTV DVR Systems, enhance or clarify audio or video, or looking to increase your capabilities through training, our team has the expertise required to assist you in fast changing discipline. 

FIVE O Gear is a Christian company owned and operated by police officers in Tennessee. We offer the FIVE O emblem on shirts, hats, bags, knives, patches, decals and much more. Represent your profession and faith with some FIVE O Gear!

Gans & Pugh Associates, Inc.
Evidence talks provides comprehensive digital forensic capabilities to US government, law enforcement, military, and law enforcement agencies. Specializing in complex and large scale issues, our products are designed to provide quick intelligence in a forensically sound manner. Our Spektor Toolkit enables operators to rapidly triage, preserve, and automatically examine data stored on computers, servers and mass storage devices. Spektor is comprehensive, safe, and accepted forensically and evidentially. Our newest product, Cascades Forensics, is a client-server architecture that combines our core SPEKTOR triage technology with policy based automated processing logic designed to automatically chain different forensic tools and process to reduce the number of steps needed by an investigating officer.

The world's premier platform for accumulating knowledge and building intelligence. The Analyze Platform helps you process and analyze large amounts of image and video data, automatically eliminate and prioritize information, detect and highlight critical clues as well as identify relationships. TECHNOLOGY HAS CREATED THE PROBLEM, BUT IT CAN ALSO PROVIDE THE ANSWER.

Guidance Software
Guidance (NASDAQ: GUID) exist to turn chaos and the unknown into order and the known–so that companies and their customers can go about their daily lives without worry or disruption, knowing their most valuable information is safe and secure. The makers of EnCase®, the gold standard in forensic security, and EnCase™, an automated cyber risk management platform, Guidance provides a mission-critical foundation of market-leading applications that offer deep 360-degree visibility across all endpoints, devices and networks, allowing proactive identification and remediation of threats. From retail to financial institutions, our field-tested and court-proven solutions are deployed on an estimated 33 million endpoints at more than 70 of the Fortune 100 and hundreds of agencies worldwide. From beginning to endpoint. For more information about Guidance Software, please visit guidancesoftware.com.

Hawk Analytics
Hawk Analytics’ feature product, CellHawk, extracts rapid answers and compelling visual evidence from cell phone call detail records (CDRs) and other location-based data. Get Answers: Turn all your raw data into meaningful answers. Save Time: An analysis that took 8 hours in Microsoft Streets and Trips was redone in CellHawk in less than 5 minutes.

HTCI Edas Fox
For over 10 years we have supported the ICAC community with their digital forensics needs, including our line of forensic computers, the EDAS FOX. Led by a retired law enforcement officer who began working online child exploitation cases in 1996, EDAS FOX is uniquely qualified to be your partner.

In Safe Hands
In Safe Hands Educators In Safety was established in 2009 by a team of former Australian detectives who specialized in child abuse investigations. The Company has developed an array of specialized child protection courses for professionals and volunteers working with children. These courses are delivered to over 200,000 professionals annually across the world. They specialize in tailoring child protection and abuse courses for any type of organization. Not only do they specialize in child protection training but they also assist organizations to create a child safe environment and conduct internal risk management after an alleged child protection issue has been identified. If you are interested in the advancement in child protection training, or would like to discuss how training could assist the professionals or volunteers within your organizations, please do not hesitate to speak to our team at the conference.

INTERPOL Washington
INTERPOL Washington, the United States National Central Bureau, serves as the designated representative to the International Criminal Police Organization (INTERPOL) on behalf of the Attorney General. INTERPOL Washington is the official U.S. point of contact in INTERPOL's worldwide, police-to-police communications and criminal intelligence network. A component of the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ), INTERPOL Washington is co-managed by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) pursuant to a Memorandum of Understanding that ensures a continuing commitment to the guidance and oversight of the organization and reinforces its role in effectively sharing and exchanging international criminal investigative and humanitarian assistance information.

K&S Teaching and Consulting, LLC
We specialize in Undercover Chat Investigations training, customized 1-5 day courses or expert witness testimony dealing with child exploitation cases. I have been teaching since 2006, when I was the primary instructor for the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) "On-line Undercover Investigations" course for 2006 and 2007 instructing nearly 200 agents. In 2010, I designed and began teaching a week long "On-line Undercover Chat Investigations" course. I have taught this course in various states across the United States.I have also taught various courses concerning the sexual exploitation of children all over the world: Mexico, Peru, Russia, China and Spain.

Magnet Forensics
Magnet Forensics is a global leader in the development of digital forensics software that acquires, analyzes, and shares evidence from computers, smartphones and tablets. Magnet Forensics has been helping examiners and investigators fight crime, protect assets, and guard national security since 2011.

MediaClone, Inc. 
MediaClone, Inc. is a hi-tech and innovative company in the field of Digital Computer Forensic, and IT solutions. We design and manufactures in the US, a high speed, and a complete field forensic investigation units, that enabled an investigator to run extremely fast data capture from multiple storage media in multiple parallel sessions, perform a full forensic analysis and run cellphone data extraction on the same units. Our members have over 14 years of expertise in developing computer forensic solutions and have been involved in the computer forensic market from the beginning. Our main lines of products are: 1) Supermager Plus Forensic line which includes field image units, lab network up-loaders with 10Gigabi/s network 2) SuperWiper line which includes field unit and heavy duty lab unit, enable user to complete and secure data erase from many storage devices very efficiently.

Microception, Inc.
Meta, the next generation of interview recording, evidence and case management platform, is a web-based application framework whose modules share common services such as access control, data authentication, security, licensing, syslog, audit trails, notification, backup, internationalization, and other common administrative services. The modules include: MetaCase-Case management that is simple, powerful, and customizable MetaInterview-Interview room recording that integrates with MetaCase MetaTrack-Forms, data collection & reporting MetaScope-Exam room recording MetaImage-Digital image management.

MSAB is a world leader in the provision of forensically secure tools for the extraction and analysis of data from mobile devices. MSAB was founded in 1984 and now operates with offices worldwide and products being used in over 100 countries. Together with pioneering law enforcement organizations we helped create the mobile forensics industry and we are still committed to driving and leading it forward with singular focus on developing a quality forensic solution that creates secure and trusted results for end users. MSAB provides a wide portfolio of solutions including “XRY” and “Kiosk” with capabilities to recover deleted data from mobile devices, smart phones, mobile phones, 3G modems, GPS and tablet devices.

National Center for Missing & Exploited Children
The National Center for Missing & Exploited Children® (NCMEC) is a non—profit 501(c)(3) corporation whose mission is to help find missing children, reduce child sexual exploitation, and prevent child victimization. Since 1984, NCMEC has served as the national clearinghouse and resource center for families, victims, private organizations, law enforcement and the public on issues relating to missing and sexually exploited children.

National Children's Advocacy Center
The NCAC Training Center provides a variety of resources designed to equip child serving professionals with the skills they need to protect children. Resources include the Child Abuse Library Online (CALiO™), and customized trainings with topics that include poly-victimization, and forensic interviewing of children.

National Computer Forensics Institute
The National Computer Forensic Institute (NCFI) is a federally funded training center dedicated to instructing state and local officials in digital evidence and cyber crime investigations. The NCFI was opened in 2008 with a mandate to provide state and local law enforcement, legal and judicial professionals a free, comprehensive education on current cyber crime trends, investigative methods, and prosecutorial and judicial challenges. Run by the United States Secret Service and the Alabama Office of Prosecution Services, the training model is based upon the Secret Service’s cyber investigative strategy, which relies on partnering with and sharing information between academia, private industry and law enforcement/legal communities to combat the ever evolving threat of cyber crime. The curriculum reflects current trends in the field and addresses potential technological obstacles as they are encountered in active investigations. The NCFI is located in Hoover, Alabama, a suburb of Birmingham. State and local agencies benefit from a tuition free education. In addition, all travel costs, hotel and per diem are covered by the NCFI. In some of the forensic courses and intrusion courses, students are issued all of the hardware, software and licenses necessary to conduct these investigations.

National Criminal Justice Training Center of Fox Valley Technical College
The National Criminal Justice Training Center (NCJTC) of Fox Valley Technical College, one of the leading national criminal justice educators, offers expert facilitated training and technical assistance. Flexible, diverse and innovative child protection courses are available to federal, state, tribal, and local criminal justice professionals. Training topics include: Bullying and Cyber Bullying, Child Abuse, Child Homicide, Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children, Computer Facilitated Crimes Against Children, Forensic Interviewing, Human Trafficking, Missing and Abducted Children, Underage Alcohol and Drug Use, Youth Focused Community Policing, and Youth Suicide Prevention. Through community partnership, NCJTC training and technical assistance programs have increased awareness of crimes against children and affected significant, positive changes in the communities we serve. Invite us to your community today. Visit ncjtc.org for more information.

National Missing and Unidentified Persons System (NamUs)
The National Missing and Unidentified Persons System (NamUs) offers free forensic, analytical, and investigative resources to law enforcement agencies, medical examiners, and coroners across the United States to resolve missing and unidentified person cases. With funding from the National Institute of Justice, NamUs provides forensic anthropology, forensic odontology, fingerprint examination, and DNA profiling for upload to the Combined DNA Index System (CODIS), all at NO COST to investigating agencies.

National Runaway Safeline
National Runaway Safeline serves as the federally-designated national communication system for runaway and homeless youth. NRS makes over 250,000 connections to help and hope through its crisis hotline (1-800-RUNAWAY) and online services (www.1800RUNAWAY.org) each year. NRS provides crisis and prevention services to youth, families and community members throughout the country. Prevention services include the Let’s Talk: Runaway Prevention Curriculum, which is a free, evidence based life skills curriculum for youth.

NITV Federal Services
NITV Federal Services is the manufacturer and sole source for the patented Computer Voice Stress Analyzer (CVSA®), the most widely used truth verification system in the USA. The CVSA is successfully used by numerous ICAC Task Force units across the USA. The CVSA has been scientifically proven to be greater than 98% accurate, and is currently used by over 2,000 agencies worldwide.

OffenderWatch® is the nation’s leading sex offender management and community notification solution. Over 3,500 Federal, State, and local law enforcement agencies utilize OffenderWatch to manage over 60% of the nation’s registered sex offenders. Watch Systems is a proven technology partner and consultative resource to law enforcement delivering solutions that ensure statutory compliance, increase agency efficiency, and effectiveness, and reduce IT costs while providing the most timely and accurate safety information the public.

Oxygen Forensics
Oxygen Forensics was founded in 2000 as a PC-to-Mobile Communication software company. This experience has allowed our team of mobile device experts to become unmatched in understanding mobile device communication protocols. With this knowledge, we have built innovative techniques into our Oxygen Forensic® Detective allowing our users to access much more critical information than competing forensic analysis tools. We offer the most advanced forensic data examination tools for mobile devices and cloud services. Our company delivers the universal forensic solution covering the widest range of mobile devices running iOS, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry and many others.

Paraben Corp 
Paraben has been a foundation in solutions for mobile devices, smartphones, email, and gaming system forensics. Paraben has been forging new approaches for dealing with digital evidence from logical and physical images of smartphone to development into the Forensics of Things (FoT). Paraben supports end-to-end solutions for digital evidence.

PassMark Software / OSForensics
OSForensics, by PassMark Software, is a feature-rich, robust, and versatile computer forensic software used by computer forensic professionals worldwide. Our newest release is more powerful than ever, adding new industry-first features like our new 360° Case Management Solution which allows you to manage your entire digital forensic investigation from within OSForensics. Build and save customized report templates, add full-length narratives, and even automatically attach your other forensic tools’ reports to your OSForensics report. OSForensics is an affordable, yet complete computer forensic solution for Windows, OS X and Linux operating systems that supports all the traditional forensic features (e.g., drive imaging, indexing, data carving, memory acquisition, email analysis, decryption and more), plus several automated and advanced features you won’t find anywhere else such as push-button password extraction, automated Volume Shadow Copy analysis, and the ability to create customized logical images, just to name a few. From novice to expert, at only $899 per license, OSForensics is the perfect solution for ANY agency on ANY budget.

Deciphering and analysing digital data plays an ever-increasing role in criminal investigations. SciEngines enables Digital Forensics experts to recover passwords and encrypted evidence faster than before, contributing to an effective reduction of case backlog. This is what we truly excel in like nobody else. Our special-purpose systems leverage high-performance computing technologies in a unique way. This makes them highly economical, outstandingly energy-efficient and scalable beyond measure, even to supercomputer level. Take us to the test at our booth!

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Southern Regional Children's Advocacy Center
The Southern Regional Children's Advocacy Center (SRCAC) is a project of the NCAC funded through the Department of Justice to provide training and technical assistance to communities in 16 Southeastern states and the District of Columbia and works to provide a coordinated, collaborative response to child abuse.

U.S. based transcription of audio and video interviews, statements and voice reports. Secure and confidential, 24/7/365 service that is on demand and pay as you go. No minimum usage or contract requirements. 30 day free pilot available.

SUMURI LLC was founded in 2010 by Steve Whalen, a retired State Trooper, and a longtime active member and supporter of the law enforcement and forensic community through projects such as the PALADIN Forensic Suite. What most do not know is that PALADIN was developed to assist in fight against the Sexual Exploitation of Children. SUMURI is a leading worldwide provider of solutions for digital evidence and computer forensic Training, Hardware, Software and Services. SUMURI is also the developer of the industry standard PALADIN Forensic Suite, RECON for Mac OS X, CARBON Virtual Forensic Suite and TALINO Forensic Workstations.

Teel Technologies 
Teel Technologies – Dedicated to Digital Forensics Since 2006 - Teel Technologies is today's leading provider of Mobile Device and Digital Forensic tools, training and examination services for local, state and federal law enforcement customers. Offering a comprehensive selection of solutions for complete laboratory work and field operations, as well as a broad training curriculum that includes Advanced Chip-off, JTAG, ISP, SQLite, Flasher Box and Bootloader, Programming for Forensics, Field Operative training, and more, Teel Technologies provides examiners in the lab and field with the tools and skills needed to successfully investigate mobile devices and other digital media. With offices and classrooms in Norwalk, Connecticut, Fredericksburg, Virginia, and Canadian offices in Victoria, British Columbia, and Toronto, Ontario, Teel Technologies strives to offer the highest level of customer service and quality products to its customers. Products represented include, but not limited to: Detego, Magnet, CFID, UFED, Oxygen, Belkasoft, Elcomsoft, Wiebetech, DVR Examiner, JBC Soldering, Pros-Kit, Sentry Air, Tagarno and the TeelTech line of JTAG/ISP and Chip-off Kits.

Texas A&M University College of Nursing
The Graduate Forensic Health Care Certificate curriculum will prepare graduates from multiple disciplines to excel in this rapidly developing field by drawing from a broad body of academic knowledge in forensic health care to assist victims of violence and trauma. The graduate-level curricula is available to post-baccalaureate and post-master’s professionals including, but not limited to, health care providers, hospital and community-based social workers, protective service investigators, law enforcement personnel and prosecutors. The course instruction is delivered online allowing students to balance career, family and other responsibilities while advancing their education. A Bachelor of Science in Nursing is not required to apply.

Two Hat Security 
Two Hat Security is dedicated to keeping online communities safe from dangerous and illegal content. Using billions of messages across multiple sources, we’ve trained our system to identify and remove high-risk user-generated content in real time. We believe that next-gen AI supported by expert human teams will solve the biggest problems on the internet. In collaboration with law enforcement, we are training a computer vision algorithm to uncover new, uncatalogued Child Sexual Abuse Material (CSAM). Our goal is to stop CSAM images from ever being posted online.

V2 Interview Room Recording 
The V2 Digital Interview Room Recording Management System was designed specifically for the needs of Children’s Advocacy Centers. It is a complete system with an easy to use interface and one button start/stop recording. System options include a complete turnkey solution for multiple interview rooms and a software solution designed around your existing hardware.

Vigilant Solutions
Vigilant Solutions investigative platform helps law enforcement solve crimes faster. Our easy-to-use interface was designed by former detectives combining analytics with license plate recognition (LPR) and facial recognition to generate more leads for investigating Part I and Part II crimes, as well as crime and intelligence analysis. Securely share real-time data nationwide amongst over 1,000 agencies, and tap into our exclusive commercial LPR database of more than 5+ billion vehicle detections. Combine your mugshots with our hosted facial recognition gallery and easy-to-use image editing tools to boost potential match searches. Fight crimes against children and bring criminals to justice with Vigilant Solutions.

Voice Products Inc.
Voice Products Inc. has been in business for over 26 years with sales and service throughout the Mid-West. We offer the latest technologies in child advocacy interview recording, body worn cameras and all areas of NextGen 911 recording, all backed with 24/7 live support. Voice products Inc. understands the importance of time critical recording.

Whooster delivers investigative data solution tools to law enforcement, government agency and private sector clients who need real-time delivery of accurate data on the location, phones and background of individuals and businesses. Through SMS / Text Messaging, Web Based, Batch, Direct Connect and Integrated SaaS Solutions Whooster Data Fusion technology delivers the fresh, reliable data needed for enforcement, regulatory, and private concerns.

Wicklander-Zulawski & Associates, Inc.
Wicklander-Zulawski & Associates, Inc. (WZ) provides standard and customized training in multiple techniques of interview and interrogation including the WZ Non-Confrontational Method, the Selective Interview Technique, the Participatory Approach, Fact-Finding Interviews, and Cognitive Interviewing. WZ's non-confrontational method is proven to be more effective in reducing denials, eliciting reliable information and developing the truth than alternative interviewing techniques. Investigators are taught to use the most appropriate method for each case and subject, to employ WZ’s dynamic communications skills to obtain the truth accurately, to substantiate admissions and close more successful investigations.