Exhibitor Workshops

Exhibitor workshops offer exhibitors an opportunity to demonstrate their products or services to conference attendees in a classroom setting. You may learn about something in these workshops that will help you do your job quicker, better, faster! Every attendee who attends exhibitor workshops will receive a ticket for a chance to win a tablet. The more exhibitor workshops you attend, the more entries you will receive!

Exhibitors may be holding their own drawings or prize giveaways in their workshops or at their exhibit booths. Don't miss out on valuable, FREE products!

Confirmed Exhibitor Workshops

Be Smart – Mobilyze: Gathering Data Quickly and Efficiently in Cases with Reluctant or Scared Victims or Witnesses
Ben Charnota, Justin Matasuhara
Gathering data quickly and efficiently in cases with reluctant or scared witnesses is critical to successful prosecutions. Empowering investigators as well as training high tech officers is essential as the number of mobile devices increases annually. In this case study based presentation, we will offer an innovative, reliable, powerful, and forensically sound workflow for investigators and other professionals who encounter suspects or victims. We will demonstrate how to gather data quickly, and without the need for specialized equipment, allowing investigators and child protection specialists to gain vital intelligence, safeguard witnesses and victims, and gather forensically sound evidence to act upon. All of this undertaken in the field, without the need for in-depth training, specialist investigators or relying upon over stretched colleagues in the high-tech unit.
This is an exhibitor workshop sponsored by BlackBag Technology.
Target Audience: LE, Pros, Probation, Parole, VA, FI, CPS, CAC

CEASE.ai - Beyond PhotoDNA: Detecting New Child Sexual Abuse Material 
Brad Leitch, Chris Priebe
PhotoDNA allows organizations to detect already categorized child sexual abuse material (CSAM). But with new digital content being so easy to create and distribute, worldwide there has been an epidemic trend toward never before seen CSAM spreading across the Internet. CEASE.ai is an artificial intelligence system that uses computer vision to detect never-before classified images. The presenters are already knee-deep working with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police to refine the precision of this system, but they need your help! If you are a member of the law enforcement community or the technology industry, they need your expertise and vast knowledge to help shape this groundbreaking system.
This is an exhibitor workshop sponsored by Two Hat Security.
Target Audience: LE, Pros, Technology professionals

Complete Field Forensic Investigation Unit - MediaClone SuperImager® Plus
Ezra Kohavi
Capturing crucial digital evidence in the field has to be very quick and sometimes there isn’t enough time to perform a full data capture. Using Windows Drive Emulator (Virtualization) to preview the Suspect drive, and perform a quick targeted data capture increases demands. In other cases, there is also the need to perform an onsite full forensic analysis. In all cases, the Suspect media can include Drives, Flash Media, Cellphone/Tablets, and Unopened Laptops. The SuperImager Plus line of products is a powerful hardware platform that runs Linux/Windows OS that allows the investigator to perform all of these tasks. This presentation will demonstrate some of the functionality of the product line and its applications. The presenter will walk through some of the application screens and run a sample live data capture to demonstrate the speed, versatility and multi-use of the unit.
This is an exhibitor workshop sponsored by MediaClone, Inc.
Target Audience: LE, Pros, Technology Professionals

Defying the Unknown Application Probability
Lee Reiber
With the number of currently available apps doubling the population of Los Angeles, it is no wonder many mobile forensic examiners are bewildered at where to start in their forensic examinations. There is not a single solution available that will even come close to supporting all of the apps available to a user. Come to this session to gain an understanding of their storage formats and walk away with the knowledge the power is in your hands to elevate your mobile forensic examinations.
This is an exhibitor workshop sponsored by Oxygen Forensics. 
Target Audience: LE, Pros

How to Make Your Forensic Investigations Efficient with EnCase Forensic, EnCase Mobile Investigator and Tableau TX1
Jeff Hedlesky, Raj Udeshi
Investigators have an increasing backlog of cases to process. This workshop will demonstrate how investigations can be completed quickly and efficiently with new mobile acquisition and review capabilities, investigation pathways, the integration with Project VIC, and fast forensic imaging. The presenters will examine the digital investigation workflow and how investigators can be benefited in their day-to-day tasks from implementing these practices.
This is an exhibitor workshop sponsored by Guidance Software.
Target Audience: LE

Investigative Database Discoveries
Zach Artz, Richard Spradley
Come join the Whooster team for an extensive overview of Whooster’s investigative data delivery platforms, learn how to effectively interpret phone query results, discuss our law enforcement centric partnerships/integrations and also gain free trial access to these products following the session. Whooster™ provides over 900 agencies, and their law enforcement investigators, access to our industry unique phone number database delivering the most current data available on the market today.
This is an exhibitor workshop sponsored by Whooster.
Target Audience: LE, Pros, Probation, Parole, VA, FI, CPS, CAC

Magnet AXIOM 101: Fundamentals
Christopher Vance
This lab will provide an overview of Magnet AXIOM and its features, including Project VIC and/or CAID files, Photo DNA, and skin tone analysis, all aiding in the expedient identification of potential crime victims. Attendees will work with our forensics experts to process a case understanding the requirements for expediency and thoroughness when dealing with underage victims. AXIOM enables Examiners to compartmentalize all data sources into one concise and complete review tool, which gets straight to the artifacts necessary to solve cases dealing with children and missing persons. Lastly, our experts will guide everyone through our collaborative reporting and reviewing.
This is an exhibitor lab sponsored by Magnet Forensics.
Target Audience: LE

Magnet AXIOM 201: File System Analysis
Christopher Vance
In this lab, attendees will explore the new and more powerful features of Magnet AXIOM for analysis, including examining multiple pieces of evidence simultaneously. Attendees will use AXIOM’s Profiles feature, which allows the examiner to tag specific information in their case to a single suspect or multiple suspects, and then dig into filtering and sorting. Our forensics experts will instruct how to create artifacts for niche data stores, and how to use our file system keyword searching for the best results. Filtering in AXIOM is almost immediate and will aid in discovering key pieces of information quickly. Attendees will use our customized reporting features to build reports that are convenient and easily consumable to their stakeholders without need for rebuilding, or restructuring. This is an exhibitor lab sponsored by Magnet Forensics.
This is an exhibitor lab sponsored by Magnet Forensics.
Target Audience: LE

Network Ninja & ‘Collaborate for CACs of TX’ Demo & Case Study
Matt Bochneak
In this workshop, the presenter will discuss the ins and outs of software implementations, from interview and discovery to training, and detail how Network Ninja & Children's Advocacy Centers of Texas worked together to quickly and scalably implement Collaborate for CACs throughout the state. The discussion will include both single-site and statewide demos as well as a Q&A session. Network Ninja's “Collaborate” product is customizable case management software for non-profits and social services agencies, and has functionality specifically tailored for advocacy centers of all shapes and sizes.
This is an exhibitor workshop sponsored by Network Ninja.
Target Audience: LE, Pros, VA, Medical, FI, Therapist, CPS, CAC

Overcoming Encryption of Evidence in Criminal Investigations
Henry Hermann
The rising volume and quality of encryption poses increasingly significant challenges to investigators when handling information on devices and on the Internet. This trend is unlikely to abate any time soon, and finding legal remedies is often protracted, if not impossible, e.g. due to the global nature of crimes against children. Presenting the SciEngines RIVYERA platform, this workshop will show how modern technology can be leveraged to tackle this problem. It is demonstrated how this solution, and its scalability to supercomputer level, can be employed to crack encryption schemes and recover passwords, providing Law Enforcement with a cost-efficient and easy-to-use capability in their tool chest for combating crime.
This is an exhibitor workshop sponsored by SciEngines.
Target Audience: LE, Pros, Probation, Parole, VA, Medical, FI, Therapist, CPS, CAC

Recovery of Video Evidence Using DVR Examiner
Jimmy Schroering
Recovering video evidence from surveillance digital video recorders (DVRs) can be a difficult process, but it doesn't have to be. DVR Examiner is a software solution for acquiring video and metadata from DVRs in a forensically sound manner. This presentation will demonstrate the forensic workflow and also briefly discuss the technical processes behind DVR Examiner. The presenter will walk through some sample cases which illustrate how you can use DVR Examiner to get data from DVRs where you otherwise couldn’t (password protected, broken DVR, etc.), as well as highlight how you can be more efficient using DVR Examiner in situations where the data could be recovered manually using the interface of the DVR.
This is an exhibitor workshop sponsored by DME Forensics.
Target Audience: LE

Streamline Your Digital Forensic Investigations
Richard Frawley
In this hands-on workshop, attendees will learn how to use the newest ADF digital investigative tools. We’ll show you specific methods to streamline your digital investigations: quickly identify and collect files and artifacts; analyze the data to correlate people, events and files; and quickly generate court ready reports. During this process attendees will learn how to import hash sets directly from Project Vic and auto-tagging of matching images; leverage time-line feature that combine files, actions and people into a single view; filter results to identify high-value and most relevant data; and how to share the results of the examination with a portable stand-alone viewer. Ultimately attendees will learn how using an automated end-to-end digital investigation tool, can help you work easier and faster.
This is an exhibitor workshop sponsored by ADF Solutions.
Target Audience: LE

Using Facial Recognition to Develop Leads in Crimes Against Children Investigations
Roger Rodriquez
Agencies like the NYPD have analyzed images for investigations including crimes against children that span trafficking, abuse, child prostitution and exploitation. Attend this workshop and go step-by-step through the facial recognition investigative process, learn essential best practices, techniques and strategies to produce facial recognition leads. Get the facts on how to deal with less than perfect images from sources including CCTV cameras, bank ATM’s, social media, and sources where faces are often rejected for facial recognition. See how a unique approach can make use of these images to generate quality leads in any investigation.
This is an exhibitor workshop sponsored by Vigilant Solutions.
Target Audience: LE, Pros, Probation, Parole

Using NamUs to Resolve Missing and Unidentified Person Cases
B.J. Spamer
This session will introduce attendees to the personnel, technology, and forensic resources available through NamUs to assist with the resolution of long-term missing and unidentified person cases. This session will include an overview of the NamUs system, a discussion of how to best utilize biometric information (dentals, DNA and fingerprints) to resolve cases, and case studies to illustrate the effectiveness of NamUs.
This is an exhibitor workshop sponsored by the National Missing and Unidentified Persons System
Target Audience: LE

What's Inside Your Child’s Device?
James Cooksey, Yuri Gubanov
Games, chats, emails, browser histories, pictures, videos, dating apps, documents… there are hundreds if not thousands different evidence types stored inside a child's device. How to quickly identify relevant data? How to restore deleted data, including intentionally erased? What are traces of prior presence of data, robustly wiped from a device? What system information helps your investigation? IPs used by a device, USB sticks plugged to a computer, logins and passwords…In this workshop, we will review major types of data which may be important for digital forensic investigation related to children. A tool, Belkasoft Evidence Center, which helps automating digital forensic tasks, will be demonstrated and all attendees will get a free trial copy. This workshop is aimed at anyone that does digital forensic investigations.
This is an exhibitor workshop sponsored by Belkasoft.
Target Audience: LE, Pros

Working MUCH Harder: How Cascade Forensics Leverages 3rd Party Tools to Increase Your Investigation Velocity
Andrew Sheldon
CEOP, the UK Child Exploitation and Online Protection (a division of the National Crime Agency) faced a massive problem: How to process more media faster. The answer was that they turned to Evidence Talks for a solution. The presenter lives by the motto ‘every time a human touches the data, it takes longer and costs more!’ He uses multiple forensic tools but each step introduces delays so he wanted to find a smarter way of working. This presentation looks at Cascade Forensics, a framework we designed for CEOP, which investigators or forensic experts can use to automate ‘intelligent forensic workflows’ so that multiple suspect media can be examined simultaneously using existing forensics tools.
This is an exhibitor workshop sponsored by Evidence Talks.