Exhibitor Workshop Information

Exhibitor workshops offer companies or organizations an opportunity to promote and demonstrate their products and services to conference attendees in a classroom setting. Exhibitor workshops will be scheduled on Tuesday and Wednesday in 75-minute time slots. The number of available sessions is limited. These time slots will be filled first come-first served based on complete registration, including payment in full.

The following is provided with the purchase of exhibitor workshop sessions:

  • A classroom* with a projector and screen for your use during the workshop; 
  • Your exhibitor workshop description, along with date, time and location, will be listed on the conference website, as well as on the conference app, and each day during the conference on the informational plasma screens that are located throughout the conference; 
  • Your exhibitor workshop description, along with date, time and location, will be included in onsite printed materials (if information is received by print deadline; content may be edited in print material due to space limitations.) This will be listed with the conference workshop descriptions and speaker information; 
  • To encourage attendees to attend exhibitor workshops, the conference will supply one door prize for a drawing that will take place Wednesday evening at the dinner/dance event. Every attendee that participates in an exhibitor workshop will receive a ticket that will enter him or her in the drawing to win the door prize. The more exhibitor workshops one attends, the better chance they have of winning. The conference will supply a volunteer to distribute the door prize tickets at the end of each exhibitor workshop.

*Exhibitor workshops will be held in the City View rooms located on the fourth floor of the hotel. These rooms will also be used for general workshop sessions when not in use by exhibitors.

You may add an exhibitor workshop, as well as other opportunities for more exposure during the conference, when you register as an exhibitor, or at any time after you have registered, as long as we have availability. To edit your exhibitor registration, please return to exhibitor registration. You must have your log in credentials to access your registration account.