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2012 Case Studies

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on the Brothers Bek

(The) Bek Brothers: A Tangled Web of Predators and Their Prey
Michael Hockwater, James Markovich, Maura O'Donnell, Scott Romus
This presentation will discuss an investigation that began with charges against a single individual and resulted in the arrest of six adults on charges ranging from coercion and enticement of minors to possession and production of child pornography. The presenters will discuss the traditional and the non-traditional tactics used by investigators and prosecutors, including the extensive use of undercover work and informants. They will also discuss methods employed by the defendants to identify and communicate with minor victims, the tremendous work of the forensic examiners to quickly uncover a high volume of evidence, and the successful resolution of some of the cases.


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on Benjamin Rand

(The) Case of Benjamin Rand: Sexting to Sexual Assault  
Alexis Carpinteri, Corey Steinberg
This case study will detail the crimes and subsequent prosecution of Benjamin Rand, a manipulative predator who, by the age of 20, was already a repeat sexual offender. Rand would befriend underage girls, eventually convincing them to send sexually explicit pictures to his cell phone and then forcing them to do whatever he wanted in exchange for keeping the pictures private. In the case of one 14-year-old victim, Rand forced her to meet with him in his car for sex in exchange for him not posting her naked pictures to the Internet. During the subsequent investigation, police searched Rand’s cell phone and discovered hundreds of sexually explicit images of minors. This presentation will focus on the difficulties in investigating and prosecuting a serious case of sexual misconduct in a society that often dismisses similar activity as harmless “sexting,” the problems created by aggressive defense lawyers inexperienced in child sexual abuse cases, and the challenges in preparing multiple frightened children to face their abuser in court.

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on Schmidt & Jackson

Child Pornography Arrest Stops Textbook Pedophile
Tony Godwin, Camille Sparks

This presentation will describe how a fortuitous loss of a cell phone led to the discovery of the sexual abuse of six victims. Gary Lee Jackson left his cell phone in a friend’s car. The friend found child pornography on the phone and called the police. Through intensive interviews by both the Dallas and Garland Internet Crimes Against Children detectives, Jackson revealed that he had abused six children, three of them under the age of six. This case study will discuss the importance of interviewing defendants, and the necessity of digging deeper than the charged offense. Focus on courtroom strategies for prosecutors to achieve an appropriate sentence for a very serious predator is also included in this session.


Child Sex Tourism Undercover Operations  
James Holdman
This presentation will provide information on how to conduct child sex tourism investigations, including case agent, cover team and undercover agent responsibilities and concerns. The workshop will transition into an examination of two child sex tourism cases: one in Costa Rica and the other along the Mexican border. The case studies will include development of the case, face-to-face meetings with the suspects and the purchase of children involved in prostitution. The presentation will discuss International policies and laws, as well as policy and laws for the United States.

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on Chanze Pringler

Child Sex Trafficking: US v. Chanze Pringler
Keith Quigley, Steve Sucsy
This case study examines the investigation and trial of a pimp for his recruitment of a 15 year-old girl into prostitution. The issues associated with working with a minor runaway witness, and obtaining the cooperation of adult victims of prostitution will be examined.


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on Daisja Weaver

Daisja Weaver (Part 1 & 2)
Rick Daniel, Michael Dickens, Corey Foreman, Emilio Henry, Brenda Nichols
Daisja Weaver was born on September 10, 2008 and was murdered by her biological father on or about June 8, 2009. Her parents reported Daisja as being kidnapped a few days later to conceal the crime. To further avoid detection, the parents disposed of the baby's body in Lake Lewisville, north of Dallas. This case study will present the facts of the initial kidnapping investigation, the expansive search for the body, and the subsequent murder investigation and successful prosecution that followed.


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on Dena Schlosser

Dena Schlosser: Not Guilty by Reason of Insanity (Part 1 & 2)
Bill Dobiyanski, Curtis Howard
In November 2004, Dena Schlosser killed her eleven-month-old daughter, Margaret, by cutting off her arms with a knife. At her trial she was found to be Not Guilty by Reason of Insanity and she has been under court supervision ever since. This presentation will detail the case and how the system attempts to maintain control over a woman who committed one of the most heinous crimes imaginable.


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on Alyssa Bustamante

Elizabeth Olten: Murdered by a Teenage Thrill Killer (Part 1 & 2)
David Rice, Mark Richardson
This presentation will detail the murder of 9-year-old Elizabeth Olten by a 15-year-old girl. The presenters will detail the complex investigation and prosecution of this senseless murder beginning with a search that located a half-dug, grave-size hole; the development of neighbor Alyssa Bustamante as a suspect; her subsequent statements and confession (later ruled inadmissible); the defendant's mental state and the drug Prozac at the sentencing hearing; and lastly, the prosecution’s plea agreement. The presenters will discuss the motivation for the murder as well as the many red flags that were present in the killer's use of social networking sites.

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on the Hornbuckles

(The) Family That Pimps Together, Serves Jail Time Together: US v. The Hornbuckles  
Kurt Ormberg, Kyle Reardon, Derek Stigerts
This presentation will focus on the FBI’s Innocence Lost National Initiative, which addresses the growing problem of commercial sexual exploitation of children, and examines the investigation and prosecution of the Hornbuckle family, consisting of a mother and her four daughters, who recruited, enticed, and coerced multiple child victims into a life of prostitution. The Hornbuckle family operated a sophisticated prostitution network utilizing a myriad of sex for money avenues including call centers, the track, "door to door" service, online dating and prostitution sites, online social networking, and established client lists for over five years. The Hornbuckle family established roles and rank structure and kept the child victims "in line" through force, fraud, and coercion. The victims ranged in age from 14 to 17 and were all at once listed as Missing and Endangered children through law enforcement databases. The presentation will discuss the challenges of overcoming issues common to "compliant victims", digital media collection, identification and location of additional child victims, and targeting of the true offenders - the pimps. It will also discuss the use of sophisticated investigative techniques to include video and electronic monitoring, source intelligence, and undercover operations.

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on the Aliahna Lemmon Case

(The) FBI's Child Abduction Rapid Deployment (CARD) Teams: The Aliahna Lemmon Case
W. David Crawford, Michael Langeman
In a child abduction case, the first few hours are critical. The FBI’s Child Abduction Rapid Deployment (CARD) teams bring unique expertise in child abduction cases, serve in an advisory role in the investigation, and can access the full resources of the local FBI office and the Bureau at large to generate leads and mobile appropriate resources. This workshop will provide an overview of the CARD teams and the child abduction program, followed by a case study of the abduction of Aliahna Lemmon. The CARD team was deployed to assist in Lemmon’s case where she was ultimately found dismembered by her neighbor. The subject later plead guilty to the crime.

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on Felix Cartagena

US v. Felix Cartagena  
Linh Phung, Thomas Thompson
This case will detail the investigation of Felix Cartagena, who was initially arrested for distributing and downloading child pornography. However, during the interview, Cartagena revealed that he was sexually molesting at least nine children, including a 2-year old boy. Cartagena used his position as a brother, uncle and friend to babysit these children. This case study will detail the investigation from its inception to the prosecution of Cartagena to include the obstacles encountered in obtaining probable cause to search the entire multi-family unit, decryption of the hard drive where the child pornography was stored, identifying the victims and notifying the parents of the victims, and coordination with local authorities, forensic interviewers and Child Protective Services.


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on George Joseph England

George Joseph England: Justice Delayed But Not Denied  
John MacVeigh, Corey Steinberg
In 2004, 35-year old “JS” found the strength to walk into the FBI office in West Palm Beach, Florida and report the heinous and prolonged sexual and emotional abuse she had suffered at the hands of a monster nearly three decades earlier. This case study will detail the investigation and subsequent prosecution of that monster, George Joseph England. England “purchased” JS, a four-year old Vietnamese child, from her mother in Vietnam in the early 1970’s and immediately began sexually assaulting her. This presentation will detail the challenges of the case, including the hurdles faced in locating and obtaining a DNA sample from the child put up for adoption almost 30 years earlier in order to successfully corroborate a decades old case of sexual abuse where most of the evidence was lost or destroyed, and will discuss the successful resolution that finally gave JS her day in court and England the punishment he had so long eluded.

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on the Great Unraveling

(The) Great Unraveling: Mother and Father Led Child Pornography Ring  
Josh Findley
This case study examines what investigators initially thought was a “routine” child pornography search warrant that turned out to be anything but routine. Before the investigation was complete, agents arrested four custodial parents from three separate families, identified five minor victims, including a bedridden, handicapped child, and disabled an internet-based child pornography trading ring. The presenters will examine the issues encountered with suspects who were a “typical” middle-class, suburban married couple engaged in the production of child sexual abuse images. This case study highlights the challenges of the investigation when both spouses are the abusers, tracing images back to their origin and the pitfalls associated with the prosecution of all of the involved individuals.


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the Blankenburgs

Hiding in Plain Sight: State of Ohio v. Drs. Mark and Scott Blankenburg (Part 1 & 2)
Sharon Cooper, Paul Davis, Lance Salyers
This case study will detail the investigation and prosecution of twin brothers Mark and Scott Blankenburg who were practicing pediatricians and highly visible members of their community. Both doctors were engaged in a decades-long practice of sexually molesting male patients, buying their victims' silence with money and prescription medication, collecting adolescent pornography, and amassing a huge collection of their own photographic handiwork, including thousands of "child erotica" photographs of local teenage athletes. The first half of this case study will detail how the Blankenburgs' conduct came to light through the investigation and pre-trial stages. The second half of this case study will detail the presentation of the case at trial, focusing on the challenges of overcoming the credibility issues common to "compliant victims." Discussion will also include typical medical and therapeutic issues resulting from abuse of this type. (This is a companion workshop to Male Victimization: Looking Beyond the Case Study and Into the Life of a Survivor.)


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on Robert Warterfield


Identifying and Prosecuting the "North Dallas Rapist" (Part 1 & 2)
Carmen White, Russell Wilson
In the summer of 1989, several rapes of young children took place in affluent North Dallas neighborhoods. These rapes continued until 1991, when they abruptly stopped. For over 21 years, these rapes went unsolved. However, in 2010, through the advancement of DNA evidence, the suspect, Robert Warterfield, was  identified and convicted for the rape of a seven-year old girl. This case study will discuss techniques in prosecuting cold cases, how to avoid crucial mistakes, and how to deal with antiquated laws. The case study will also give the audience an appreciation of the current multidisciplinary approach to investigation that did not exist for these children.


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on James Kevin Pope

State of Texas v. James Kevin Pope (Part 1 & 2)
Robert S. DuBoise, Nikki LePori, Robert Pawley
This case study will examine the joint law enforcement/CPS investigation and the prosecution of an intra-familial, multi-victim sexual abuse case. The presenters will discuss the many complex issues that were encountered and overcome in the case that eventually resulted in the longest prison sentence in Texas history when a jury sentenced the defendant to 4060 years in prison. The presentation will focus on the benefits of a multidisciplinary approach in the investigation and prosecution of complex sexual abuse cases.

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on Jason Collins

Jason Collins: A Tech Savvy, Security Conscious Offender
Darrell Franklin
This case study will examine the problems and issues encountered when dealing with child exploitation suspects who are tech-savvy and security conscious. The offender in this case used onion routers, encryption, password-protected cloud storage, offshore servers and ISPs, “throw-down” phones and email accounts to distribute child pornography images and avoid detection. The presenter will explain the legal, logistical and security issues encountered during the investigation to counter the security measures the offender had in place to remain anonymous. The investigation ultimately led to an undercover meeting with Collins to trade one TB external hard drives containing child pornography images. This presentation will examine audio, video and electronic communications between Collins and the undercover agent to share some real “lessons learned” about the volatility of CP offenders and the hazards of undercover meetings with child exploitation suspects.


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on Dennis Earl Bradford

Jennifer Schuett
Tim Cromie, Jennifer Schuett
This is a case study lecture with a message of courage, empowerment and strength. In August of 1990, Jennifer Schuett was only eight years old when she was kidnapped, brutally raped and left for dead in Dickinson, Texas. Found with her throat sliced from ear to ear, doctors said she would never speak again. However, she miraculously regained her voice and began to speak out, desperate to find the man that so viciously attacked her. Schuett collaborated with a local police detective and a federal agent in 2008 who worked with her to eventually solve her case. In 2009, Jennifer's attacker was captured through DNA evidence, but she still didn't get the justice she deserved. Jennifer herself will share her inspiring story of healing in the face of a life altering attack, as well as a survivor’s view of the frustrations and triumphs of working closely with law enforcement on her journey to victory. The police detective will share the twists and turns in an investigation that eventually led to the arrest of the suspect in another state; and you will learn of an attacker who eluded her and investigators for almost twenty years and eventually denied her justice.


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on John Zimmerman 

John Zimmerman (Part 1 & 2)
Rodney Mills
This is a case study of Australia's biggest online predator who, over an 18-month period, had contact with approximately 2,500 girls from all over Australia via Myspace and Facebook. 1,900 of the girls were under 17 years of age. Investigators were forced to format, assess and evaluate 50,000 chat logs and identified approximately 700 girls that were potential victims. After contacting most of them, police located 20 victims of rape/sexual penetration of a child under 16 years, who were willing to proceed with prosecution. There were also a large number who were procured and groomed. This predator portrayed himself as a supportive friend to gain the girls' trust and friendship, but would resort to threats, blackmail and intimidation to get his way. Detective Sergeant Mills will discuss the investigation as a whole, the lessons learned, the difficulties identifying and contacting victims, cross-jurisdictional issues, brief preparation and the difficulties in utilizing international agencies/organizations (which include warrants with Facebook.)



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on David Coronado

Justice for Baby David (Part 1 & 2)  
Matthew Cox, Tammy Goodman, Sherre Sweet
This case study will examine the horrific abuse of 5-month-old David Coronado from the perspectives of those who investigated and prosecuted the case, as well as the doctor that treated the child. As a result of the abuse he suffered, David weighed only six pounds, 10 ounces and had multiple severe injuries, including severe head trauma, 42 broken bones and bite marks covering his body. The detective will detail the investigation of this severe abuse. The pediatrician, who treated David and testified at trial, will discuss the challenges of treating such a young patient and discuss the severe and permanent disability that resulted from the injuries. The prosecutor who successfully tried David's father will discuss the trial strategies, the witness difficulties and the use of experts during the trial.

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on Justin Coleman

Justin Coleman: The Case That Almost Wasn't  
Kimberly Kroemeke, John Spata
This case study will discuss the investigation of Justin Coleman, a fourth grade teacher who was an ICE Operation Gondola target. Operation Gondola was an international investigation derived from a lead from Italian law enforcement involving a website hosting images of child pornography. The presentation will discuss the forensic evidence recovered that led to the identification of two children Coleman videotaped while molesting, as well as images Coleman altered by superimposing elementary school students’ faces over existing child pornography images he possessed.

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on Nicholas Loris


Nicholas Loris: A Cold Case With a Startling Resolution (Part 1 & 2)
William Donaldson, Joshua Foster, Tia Hoffer, Lisa Mayhew, Scott Miller
In 1987, six-year-old Nicholas Loris was found deceased in woods near his home. Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office, the North Carolina Office of the Medical Examiner’s office, and the FBI will recount the investigative journey that led to the startling resolution of Nicholas’ case 24 years later.



North American Victim Identification Case Studies  
David Janes, Brian Korzak
This presentation will discuss how victims of child exploitation have been identified, located and rescued by law enforcement investigators in North American utilizing both technology and traditional investigative techniques. One of the presenters was involved in the creation of the Canadian Victim Identification Lab. Actual case examples will be presented.


Operation LAMINAR: Using Social Media to Exploit Children  
Lauren Blue, Kevin Laws
This case study will review an ongoing investigation into the use of a popular social network to distribute images of child exploitation, including the social interaction, methods, and characteristics of users, and how to determine the true identity and location of users.


Operation Sebastian: An Investigation of Child Pornography Traders on Craigslist  
Daniel Evans, Renee Green
This case study will detail an investigation by the San Diego Division of the FBI into individuals who were using code words and phrases to gain access to child pornography via Craigslist. The subjects of the investigation were utilizing Craigslist to meet other individuals to view and trade child pornography, both online and in person. The presentation will detail how investigators became aware of the problem, the investigative steps taken to identify the subjects, the experiences in working with Craigslist and other ISPs, the use of the polygraph in subject interviews and lessons learned.

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on Marco Antonio Alferez

Shattered Trust, Shattered Lives: United States v. Marco Antonio Alferez 
Gilbert Campa, J. Brandy Gardes
Marco Antonio Alferez was a trusted dance teacher in elementary, middle and high schools; a respected choreographer for local productions; and had worked in such places as Disneyworld. An online undercover investigation revealed he was downloading and sharing child pornography, but a search warrant uncovered more – he had been abusing the trust placed in him by secretly filming his students and others undressing for years; along with making sex tapes with at least three minors, all resulting in a massive collection of child pornography and erotica. The investigation uncovered 393 identifiable victims; but hundreds remain unidentified. The case study will cover how Alferez first was discovered downloading child pornography, through the painstaking and heartbreaking process of identifying and notifying the victims, and finally the resulting prosecution and ultimate outcome of 50 years in federal prison and forfeiture of his past school salary and retirement accounts.



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Starvation of the Mind, Body and Soul (Part 1 & 2)
Matt Cox, Eren Price, Carmen White
In July of 2009, three children were rescued from a Budget Suites motel bathroom in Dallas. Their appearance was compared to that of Holocaust victims. This case study will detail the investigation of the physical and sexual abuse they suffered as well as the collaborative efforts of the professionals who helped these children begin to heal, both physically and psychologically. The pediatrician who treated them and testified during the trials will discuss the accommodations made by the hospital for the siblings and the challenges of reintroducing them to food. The prosecutors who tried the mother and the stepfather for these crimes will address trial strategies, witness difficulties and lessons learned by all professionals involved.



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on Angela McAnulty

(The) Torture and Murder of Jeanette Maples: A Million Dollar Settlement and a Mother on Death Row (Part 1 & 2)
Randy Fenley, Erik Hasselman, Aaron Hoberg
This case study will examine the tragic death of 15-year-old Jeanette Maples who was tortured, starved and beaten to death by her mother and stepfather. The presenters will discuss the system’s failure to save Jeanette that resulted in more than a million dollar settlement by the State of Oregon for wrongful death, as well as the prosecution that resulted in the mother becoming the only woman on Oregon’s Death Row. This presentation will detail the complex investigation, including the crime scene, the child’s injuries, the interviewing techniques used, and the successful prosecution of both offenders.


Undercover with Pedophiles  
David Westall
This case study will present two investigations where Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) special agents conducted undercover operations to befriend, meet, and gather evidence in face-to-face encounters. One of the investigations targeted a member of the (BLN) organization who was a school teacher, published author, and boy's swim coach. The other investigation targeted a computer programmer attempting to smuggle young females into the US for his sexual purposes.


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on Kenzie Nelson

US v. Kenzie Nelson
Joe Del Fierro, Rick Henderson, Jason Schall
The recent federal conviction of a local pimp only began to scratch the surface of the pervasive sex trafficking industry in North Texas. In this workshop you will hear the federal prosecutor and the police detectives, that together investigated and convicted Kenzie Nelson, debunk some myths about human and sex trafficking and offer tips for successfully targeting these underground offenses overflowing with child victims.


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on Flanders and Callum

US v. Lavont Flanders, Jr. and Emerson Callum  
Roy Altman, Alexis Carpinteri
This case study will detail the prosecution and trial of a serial rape and pornography case that spanned five years, involved more than 50 victims, combined the efforts of at least ten local and federal agencies, and represents the first federal case of its kind in the United States. Between 2006 and 2011, more than 50 women, who traveled to Miami to audition for modeling jobs were drugged and videotaped while they were sexually assaulted. The subsequent investigation revealed that there appeared to be hundreds of unidentified victims. The case was tried as a human trafficking and sexual exploitation matter. Although the defendants did not seek out minors, they were responsible for crimes to several young girls between 13 and 16 years of age. Years later, many of the victims would come to find out that the defendants had edited, produced, and sold the video-footage of their sexual assaults as pornography, both online and to pornography businesses across the country. After a federal trial, during which many of the victims, witnesses, jurors and courtroom personnel were openly weeping during the victims’ testimony, the jury returned verdicts of guilty on all twenty counts as to both defendants who were each sentenced to twelve consecutive terms of life imprisonment.



When Skype Goes Wrong
Marci McClellan Curry
This case study will review all aspects of the sexual assault investigation and subsequent trial and conviction of Christen Mitchell. Christen was a young mother to her two-year old daughter. Christen was communicating sexually with an unknown perpetrator over Skype when the conversation resulted in Christen sexually assaulting her daughter. This atypical sexual abuse investigation uncovered non-traditional evidence (computer and cell phone records) used in her trial. The details of the text recovered from the computer, the subsequent interrogation, and medical findings will be discussed along with the trial strategy and jury comments.


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on Darlene Phillips

Wylie's Angel: The Murder Investigation of a Special Needs Child
Tony Bradley, Curtis Howard
On April 15, 2010, the partially clothed body of a six-year old boy was found abandoned in the weeds next to an area lake. One of the only clues to his identity was a feeding tube attached to his body. At the time of his discovery, there were no reports of a missing child, nor were there any visible signs of trauma on the body. The little boy found in these mysterious circumstances was named "Wylie's Angel" by those involved. This case study will detail the extensive investigation that successfully determined the identity of the boy, how and why he died and the shocking answer to who was ultimately responsible.



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on Joseph Garbarini

You Never Know What You Will Find: The Prosecution of Joseph Garbarini, the Diaper Man
Tony Bradley, Crystal Levonius
Kindergarten teacher Joseph Garbarini was obsessed with diapers, infantilism, sex, and bondage. He hoarded thousands of dirty diapers in his home; he slept in a large dog cage; and he kept a princess-themed bedroom with a toddler bed and shackles. In the spring of 2009, he brought his secret dirty fetishes into the classroom. He started diapering and molesting his five and six-year old students in a special part of the classroom he had assembled to play his “Mommy-Baby Game.” This case study details his crimes, the investigation with its bizarre findings, the charging decisions, and his subsequent trial and conviction.






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