Booth Availability

Booth availability is subject to change at any time. You will be asked to provide three booth choices from the booths below that show to be available. We will place you in the space available based on your order of preference. If your choices have recently been sold, we will contact you.

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Second Floor - SOLD OUT
Booths are still available on the first floor.

Click here to view the location of our current exhibitors on the floor plan.

 2nd Floor 1OffenderWatch®
 2nd Floor
 2Wicklander-Zulawski & Associates, Inc.
 2nd Floor
 3Magnet Forensics
 2nd Floor
 4Voice Products, Inc.
 2nd Floor
 5Bluebear LES
 2nd Floor
 6SDFI - TeleMedicine LLC
 2nd Floor 7Nuix
 2nd Floor 8Nuix
 2nd Floor 9Paraben
 2nd Floor 10PassMark Software - OSForensics 
 2nd Floor 11SRT Wireless
 2nd Floor 12Vigilant Solutions
 2nd Floor 13United States Marshals Service 
 2nd Floor 14MSAB
 2nd Floor 15Berla Corporation
 2nd Floor 16INTERPOL Washington
 2nd Floor 17Texas A&M University-Commerce
 2nd Floor 18HTCI EDAS FOX
 2nd Floor 19BlackBag Technologies
 2nd Floor 20Parabon Snapshot DNA Phenotyping
 2nd Floor 21Belkasoft
 2nd Floor 22SANS Institute
 2nd Floor 23Atola Technology
 2nd Floor 24Oxygen Forensics
 2nd Floor 25Sirchie
 2nd Floor 26Children's Advocacy Centers of Texas, Inc.
 2nd Floor 27Guidance Software
 2nd Floor 28Cellebrite Inc.
 2nd Floor 29Cellebrite Inc.
 2nd Floor 30Social Solutions
 2nd Floor 31Network Ninja
 2nd Floor 32Network Ninja
 2nd Floor 33BIS Digital Inc.
 2nd Floor 34DME Forensics
 2nd Floor 35Yaana
 2nd Floor 36Tri-Tech Forensics
 2nd Floor 37AccessData
 2nd Floor 38Media Sonar
 2nd Floor 39Griffeye
 2nd Floor 40Griffeye
 2nd Floor 41SUMURI LLC.
 2nd Floor 42SpeakWrite
 2nd Floor 43Callyo
 2nd Floor 44V2 Interview Room Recording


 First Floor

Click here to view the location of our current exhibitors on the floor plan.

 1st Floor 45Marinus Analytics, LLC
 1st Floor 46Book Seller
 1st Floor 47Book Seller
 1st Floor 48Texas Legal Services Center/LASSA
 1st Floor 49Canine Companions for Independence
 1st Floor 50The VIRTUS® Programs, NCS Risk Services, LLC
 1st Floor 51CACC Use Only
 1st Floor 52CACC Use Only
 1st Floor 53Allied Powers, LLC
 1st Floor 54Navajo Jewelry and Crafts
 1st Floor 55Midwest Regional Children's Advocacy Center
 1st Floor 56Suffolk County District Attorney's Office and CAC
 1st Floor 57National Center for Missing and Exploited Children
 1st Floor 58Winds of Fire Ent
 1st Floor 59Columbia Southern University
 1st Floor 60Cortexflo
 1st Floor 61Conference on Crimes Against Women
 1st Floor 62Center for Missing and Abducted Children's Organization (CMACO)
 1st Floor 63International Justice Mission
 1st Floor 64ADF Solutions, Inc.
 1st Floor 65Hawk Analytics
 1st Floor 66Dallas Police Explorers
 1st Floor 67MediaClone
 1st Floor 68Association of Prosecuting Attorneys' Child Abuse Prosecution Project
 1st Floor 69TMPA
 1st Floor 70Pen-Link, Ltd.
 1st Floor 71Whooster
 1st Floor 72Microception, Inc.
 1st Floor 73Connect2annica
 1st Floor 74TexProtects: The Texas Association for the Protection of Children
 1st Floor 75K&S Teaching and Consulting, LLC
 1st Floor 76Conference/Dallas Children's Advocacy Center Booth Sales
 1st Floor 77Conference/Dallas Children's Advocacy Center Booth Sales
 1st Floor 78Conference/Dallas Children's Advocacy Center Booth Sales
 1st Floor 79National Missing and Unidentified Persons System (NamUs)
 1st Floor 80International Association of Forensic Nurses
 1st Floor 81Attorney General of Texas Crime Victim Services Division
1st Floor 82Conference Sponsor
 1st Floor 83Office of Justice Programs
 1st Floor 84Child Welfare Information Gateway
 1st Floor 85National Criminal Justice Training Center of Fox Valley Technical College
 1st Floor 86National Criminal Justice Training Center of Fox Valley Technical College
 1st Floor 87FIVE O Gear, LLC
 1st Floor 88FIVE O Gear, LLC
 1st Floor 89National White Collar Crime Center (NW3C)
 1st Floor 90Digital Intelligence, Inc.
 1st Floor 91DCAC Animal Assisted Therapy Program
 1st Floor 92SEARCH
 1st Floor 93DeliverFund
 1st Floor 94Waldorf University
 1st Floor 95Operation Underground Railroad
 1st Floor 96VIDENTIFIER
 1st Floor 97Teel Technologies
 1st Floor 98FBI Violent Crimes Against Children
 1st Floor 99FBI Behavioral Analysis Unit
 1st Floor 100Texas Department of Public Safety
 1st Floor 101-104North Texas Regional Computer Forensics Laboratory


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