2015 Opening Plenary

Survivor Keynote
Brie W.
Our survivor keynote is Brie W., whose full identity is being kept confidential. Brie was victimized in a widely traded child pornography series titled the BluePillow. Originally reported by the Danish National Police, NCMEC linked the photo series to California through a trash can in the background of a photo. A nearly month long investigation, based on details in the photos and videos in the series, led to her rescue and to the arrest and conviction of her abuser/child pornographer. Brie has since emerged as an advocate of efforts against child sexual exploitation and trafficking.

Partner Keynote
Director Sarah Saldaña, ICE

State of the Industry Remarks
Emily Vacher, Facebook

Presentation of Award to Law Enforcement Professional
Lou Luzynski, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Watch Systems, Inc.